We, JK INNOVATION was established as JK Corporation in 2005, and we are the leading supplier of foundation drilling equipments and parts in South Korea.
Since 2005, we expand our company name more valuable in foundation drilling market and made various supply chain with many sub-factories who specialized in many different types of drilling equipments and tools.
For instance, hydraulic cylinders, structure analysis, structure welding, forging, casting, materials, designing, drilling bits, ship yard, contractors, etc.,

JK INNOVATION has almost every range of products for foundation drilling such as bored pile, diaphragm wall, vertical drainage, bridge construction equipments, bored pile equipments for wind mill, etc.,
We have long and deep experience with product development for extremely hard rock and four different seasons delivering in large capacities to the foundation drilling industry.
We are also highly specialized in producing the machine or hydraulic cylinders according to customer’s requirements or design.

Up to now, we could export our products over 20 countries in the world.
What we have been able to grow steadily and to be unique is our commitment to fundamental responsibility, to high quality and top-notch service.
We are working with people who trying to make better world. We need to hand over good heritage to our children.
And we are very proud of what we are doing for our customers in world-wide market.

Please kindly contact us at anytime to find out why the world’s best construction companies have been using our products and maintaining long-term relationships with us.

Thank you.